Exploring our new city…. Whiskeytown Lake

This weekend we took a drive out to the picturesque Whiskeytown Lake. It is not very far from where we live, only about a fifteen to twenty minute drive.


Whiskeytown is nestled among the hills and valleys of the Klamath Mountains. The lake is perfect for swimming, sailing, canoeing, snorkeling and fishing. There are plenty of hiking trails and four wheel drive tracks and even some waterfalls.

The scenery was absolutely beautiful as we drove out of town, looking at the mountains and the forest. We saw cute little old buildings along the highway and we even spotted a family of bears crossing the road as we drove through the forest to the lake.

IMG_8027 IMG_8086 IMG_8042 IMG_8062The water was lovely and cool. We swam, the children played in the shallows and Greg taught William how to skip rocks across the surface of the lake. It certainly is a very pretty part of the world here in Northern California and we are still feeling so very blessed and thankful that we get to be here.


Enjoying the last days of summer

The leaves are starting to turn from green to yellow and red and are falling from the trees to the ground. The early mornings are cool and the sun is getting slower to rise in the morning and earlier to set in the evenings. Autumn or shall I say Fall since I am in California, is just around the corner. I am celebrating these little changes, summer would be my least favorite season so I am glad for the cooler weather to come.

This week we have enjoyed the last days of summer by playing outside on the lush green grass and swimming in our pool. The water was freezing but Will stayed in the pool until his lips turned blue and he was shivering from head to toe.

IMG_4642 IMG_4646 IMG_4653 IMG_4673 IMG_4682 IMG_4688 IMG_4694At the end of this month Fall will officially begin and the days should start to get cooler. I am looking forward to seeing the scenery change around us, the green will be replaced with earthy tones and I am sure pumpkins will soon start appearing at peoples front doors. Maybe I could get a pumpkin carving lesson while I am here.

Fathers day twenty fourteen

Fathers day…. a day to honor the fathers in our lives.

To honor the fathers who are here with us, those who are far away and to those who have departed earth for their time in eternity.

To say thank you for unending and unconditional love. To say thank you for the things they have taught us and the guidance that they give. For their strength, courage, wisdom and the way that they lead us.

Happy Fathers day to all the dads in our life. We love you.

In the words of my darling six year old, his daddy is ‘totally awesome!” and i just so happen to agree with him. We took our awesome Daddy out for a delicious BBQ dinner at Famous Dave’s. Ribs, chicken, thick cut chips, corn, coleslaw…. it was divine!

IMG_4624 IMG_4625 IMG_4626

Exploring our new city… kids kingdom

We took the children to play at Kids Kingdom in Enterprise Park the other day and they absolutely loved it. It was a chance for them to get out and run and play and enjoy the great outdoors. Enterprise Park is quite large. It has gardens, playing fields and a children’s playground which also has a water playground.

The park is just lovely with all its beautiful trees and cute little squirrels running here and there, climbing the trees and hiding underneath the playground. William kept referring to them as possums, you can take the boy out of Australia but you cant take the Australian out of the boy!

IMG_4461 IMG_4479 IMG_4486

Emily crawled around and around and around the play structure. It was perfect for her with all the ramps and it was never ending so she could make her way around the whole thing. She would chase after William but he was too fast for her. She is making progress with her walking but she still has a little ways to go yet. She will hold onto our hands and walk along, then she likes to sit down with a thump and give herself a little clap for being so clever. By the time she had finished playing on the playground she was filthy from head to toe.

We did not have the children’s bathers or towels with us the first time we visited the park so we returned the next day to have some fun in the water. It was such a lovely way to cool down from the summer heat. They played in the water until their lips turned blue from being cold and then we knew it was time to get dry and head home for lunch.

IMG_4561 IMG_4535 IMG_4549

Even in the little things

IMG_7960 IMG_7964 IMG_7966 IMG_7972

My title to this post was going to be God shows up, even in the little things. I typed the words into the title box and read them back and paused and thought that is not right. I was struggling with the God shows up part. I have often used this phrase and God showed up and the good thing happened but that is not entirely correct, you see God dose not just show up, He is always there I think it is just that we are failing to recognise Him. So I hit the delete button and went with even in the little things.

As we are journeying through our time here I can feel Gods presence with me more than I have ever experienced before. This may be because I am closer to His will at this time in my life, it may be because I am becoming more aware of His presence, my desire is greater, my need is stronger I just don’t know. My child like faith reminds me not to ponder over such things but to soak up His presence and lean in for more.

Setting up a new home and a new life (even if it is just for a short time) in another country takes a lot of organising, time and money. It has left me feeling weary and worried. I am finding that God is meeting me in my needs, even in the things that seem small and insignificant, He is taking care of them.

For instance, He lead us to somebody who had a car that they were selling. It was the perfect price for us and the perfect size for our family while we are here, in fact it is the nicest car I have even owned! My years of driving my not so pretty but oh so reliable car back home in Australia has payed off. Even in the little things, He provides.

There is an abundance of loving and generous people here in the Bethel Church community. Some of those people have generously given us furniture and toys for the children. Even in the little things, He provided (or provided someone) and shows that He cares.

I was struggling with making a big purchase, it was expensive (to me) but it was something that we needed. Greg made the executive decision for me and we purchased the item and then discovered that we could receive a cash back voucher. For Williams school work we need magazines. I do not have any at hand so we have just been improvising and doing with out. I purchased something from Walmart the other day and I did not realise at the time but it came with a years free subscription to a magazine. I even got 40% off at the craft store yesterday in an unadvertised sale! Even in the little things, He provided, He shows that He cares and I feel very honored that He would remember me and my little struggles.